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Borden & Remington Corp.

Borden & Remington Corp. Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation

Borden & Remington has the ability to ship and receive railcars of product throughout the United States. This ability combined with our extensive storage facilities give value to potential customers who would like to terminal product in the Northeast region of the United States. We are located on the southeastern New England coast and are able to cost effectively ship material to all of New England, New York, and New Jersey.

Our railcar personnel are DOT certified and are fluent on all rules and regulations pertaining to railcar movement, unloading, shipping, and dispatch procedures. We handle many materials by rail which includes sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ferric chloride, and urea solution. We also have an on-site Track Mobile which facilitates the movement of railcars throughout the facility.

Borden & Remington Corp. Trucking Transportation

Trucking Fleet Distribution

Borden & Remington maintains a satellite office for Dana Transport in their Fall River, MA, facility. This trucking fleet is for sole use of Borden & Remington Corporation. These trucks are constructed using a variety of materials for many transportation applications. Our trucking fleet includes fiberglass, stainless steel, insulated, compartment vessels, and box trucks. Dana Transport, Inc. is a Responsible Care Management System company certified through the American Chemistry Council.

Our relationship with Dana Transport provides us with the most competitive transportation prices in the New England region. We also maintain a list of other nationwide transport companies for shipment of products throughout the United States. All transportation companies have been checked for insurance. If requested, the company can also allow for bulk pick-ups by customers' trucking service.

Borden & Remington Corp. Deep Water Dock

Deep Water Dock in Northeast USA

Borden & Remington is situated on 26 acres of land in Fall River, Massachusetts, and is bordered by a deep water channel (Mount Hope Bay) in the Northeast region of the United States. The depth of the channel is 35 feet and the waters at our docks are 29-31 feet deep. Our site provides us with all the amenities necessary to sustain a chemical manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution business.

Considering our southeastern New England location, we are able to use our access to the waterway for bringing shiploads of products into our facility. The ability of receiving shiploads of products combined with our massive storage facilities gives us the opportunity of purchasing material at very low cost. We are also able to receive products for businesses willing to rent our dock and storage facilities.

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