About Us

Borden & Remington Corp. (BOREMCO)

BOREMCO is the oldest privately-owned chemical distributor in the country, and a Fall River institution. Along with this distinction comes a responsibility and regard for our community that we take seriously.

BOREMCO’s waterfront location has long been an industrial asset for Fall River and the New England region, supplying jobs and essential products.

BOREMCO: Where History Meets Chemical Innovation


Century Beginnings

Founded in 1837, BOREMCO and its unique, 30-acre site share a rich and storied history. BOREMCO became a leader in the chemical distribution industry, and the Fall River waterfront location has hosted a number of high-profile companies.


Years Ago

The Fall River waterfront site has been a center for industrial powerhouses.


Decades Ago
BOREMCO moved its chemical distributor business here.


The Bogan family purchased the entire site, including the BOREMCO business, and has been operating both ever since.

Our Business as a Responsible Neighbor

We are a family-owned, independent, responsible regional chemical distributor that:

  • Receives raw materials
  • Blends, processes and packages finished commodity chemical products
  • Distributes products to regional customers

BOREMCO products are used in everyday life applications. Building on a legacy of success, the BOREMCO management, led by the Bogan family, is focused on competitive advantage, constant reinvestment and growth.