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Borden & Remington Corp.
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Borden & Remington was founded in 1837 by Hale Remington. It is one of Fall River’s oldest firms. Since 1972, the company has thrived under leadership of Daniel Bogan and his staff. The company has grown to include three principal divisions:

Borden & Remington has expanded its wide customer base to include textile processing, municipalities, power plants and general manufacturing companies. Liquid material is received into the facility by ship, truck, rail, or drum quantities. Dry product freight is received by truckload or bulk quantities. Borden & Remington’s facility is set on a 26-acre waterfront site in Fall River, Massachusetts, which allows flexibility for future product expansion.

Many of the products at Borden & Remington Corp. help improve everyday life and the environment. Borden & Remington Corp. helps local towns create drinkable water and reduce emissions at power plants with our chemicals.